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Take Your Children Hiking

August 26, 2010
Hiking at Moore State Park 5
Image by Troy B Thompson via Flickr

Hiking with your children can seem a like a daunting “task”. Here are some ways to make that “task” into a fun activity that you and your family can enjoy.

Take Kids Hiking and Lower Childhood Obesity: Families Hiking

Hiking with children offers a myriad of rewards such as reduced childhood obesity, a greater attention span, and a heightened awareness of the natural world. Kids hiking with families create lasting bonds, become more physically fit and …

Publish Date: 03/30/2010 23:01

Hiking With Young Children: Getting Outdoors With Kids Under Five

With patience and flexibility, parents can continue to enjoy hiking while spending quality time with young children and fostering a connection with the natural world. … Young children focus on their immediate surroundings. Rather than focusing on the destination or the physical achievement of a hike, children experience a hike directly through their senses. They move slowly, take in the details, and stop when something catches their attention. Children take the time to …

Publish Date: 06/26/2008 22:41

Take your kids hiking: 10 tips to make the adventure fun for the

Hiking with kids is a great way to get them connected to the outdoors at a young age, but it can also be intimidating for the parent planner. We challenge you to get the kids in your life out on the trail this summer, because part of …

Publish Date: 06/03/2010 16:14


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