How to Purify Water While Hiking

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to hike. During the summer, there is more time to go for a hike but with the summer also comes the heat. A very important thing to do in the summer is to keep hydrated and this also applies for hiking, no matter what the season. It is not always possible to carry enough water on us during a long hike, so here are some informative videos on different ways to purify water while on the trail.

How to Purify Water on a Hiking Trip

Knowing how to purify water on a hiking trip is an important skill for any serious hiker, as it could one day save your life. Find out how to collect, filter, and purify natural water so that it is safe to drink.

Day Hiking : Day Hike Water Purification Tips

Water purification is important if you are uncertain about the water on your day hike. Learn more tips about water purification in thisfree hiking video. Expert: Steve Curtis Bio: Steve Curtis has been involved in outdoor activities his entire life a…

Purify Water – Boiling.wmv

How to purify water through the boiling method. How to take natural fresh water and boil it to produce clean potable drinking water.

Liquid Iodine as a Water Purification Method – READ BELOW PLEASE: Showing how to use liquid, povidone-iodine solution to purify water. Also, talking about a few items I carry: My titanium spork and aluminum canteen and cook cup. I prefer iodine for these reasons: – It doesn’t …

Water Purification-Tony Nester & Outside Magazine

Visit -Outside Magazine editor Joe Spring who joined Tony on a Knife-Only Survival Course. There are 11 more videos for viewing at Outside Online which accompany Tony’s monthly column on survival.


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