Uses of Duct Tape while Hiking

Duct tape is a simple and inexpensive things that has multiple uses. Here are some videos that offer good tips on the uses of duct tape while hiking.

Video Quick Tip: Carry Duck Tape Take two or three feet of duck tape and wrap it around your trekking pole. It has tons of uses and then you always have it with you in the back country if you need it.

DA2W – How to Video on the Many Uses of Duct Tape

Discovering America on 2 Wheels – 1/14/10 – shot this video on my cell phone (low resolution) and sent it to my blog – – while hiking on the Shoreline Trail in Santa Rosa State Park.

Backpacking & Camping Tips : Avoiding Blisters When Hiking

Blisters can be avoided on hiking trips by wearing proper socks and regularly changing socks. Avoid blisters when hiking with tips on using tape and first aid from a backpacking guide in this free video on camping and hiking. Expert: Richard Fields B…


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