Hike: Catoctin Mountain Park

Catoctin Mountain Park

Image by jimmywayne via Flickr

Washington DC is not the first place you would think of when you picture hiking, but there are many great trails within 60 miles from the nation’s capital. Visit Catoctin Mountain Park and try out the many great trails they have there. Here are some articles on the park.

Catoctin Mountain Park (US) Maryland Garmin Compatible Map

Here is a map of Catoctin Mountain Park (US Park), the home of Camp David, the Presidential retreat. Near by is Maryland’s Cunningham State Park. The area contains many hiking trails that lead to great water features and vistas. …

Publish Date: 02/13/2011 21:06


At Maryland’s Catoctin Mountain Park, a Whiskey Still Gets You Up

Maryland’s Catoctin Mountain Park is a 5800-acre park located on rugged forested land about a 90-minute drive northwest of Baltimore. The popular park, which attracted over 440000 visitors last year, has one of the more unusual exhibits …

Publish Date: 09/17/2010 4:59


Catoctin Mountain Park-14

Image by TrailVoice via Flickr

Catoctin Mountain Park

Catoctin Mountain Park was a decent park. We camped over the weekend on Father’s Day in ’08 and it was a really good camping ground. Almost all the camping spots were newly renovated and it was a beautiful campground under the trees. …

Publish Date: 03/05/2011 22:38



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