Hike: Boynton Trail

Boynton Canyon Trail

Image by deborah.soltesz via Flickr

Try out this short hike in the Boynton Canyon, which is famous for both its beauty and its supposed spiritual vortex.

Boynton Canyon Trail | Sedona Arizona Hiking

Boynton Canyon is one of the most scenic of the box canyons that make Arizona Red Rock Country so famous. This particular trail enjoys the additional.

Publish Date: 02/04/2011 9:26


Boynton Canyon Hike. | RVThereYet Blog Network

Today we were back in Sedona to hike the Boynton Canyon Trail, the trail is located near the Devil’s Bridge Trail off the paved portion of Dry Creek Road near the Enchantment Resort. The information we had about the trail was all over …

Publish Date: 04/13/2011 20:31



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