Hiking Boots or Hiking Shoes?

Types Of Hiking Boots And Hiking Shoes

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There are many types of hiking boots and hiking shoes, and the choice can be bewildering. While there are some kinds of hiking footwear that will not fit neatly into any category, I will discuss hiking footwear in terms of four …

Publish Date: 01/15/2010 1:45


So many types of shoes

There are many types of shoes and hiking boots, and the choice can be confusing. While there are certain types of hiking shoes that do not wipe any drawer discuss hiking footwear in four categories, based on the general type of hiking

Publish Date: 01/15/2010 19:30


Re: Hiking Shoes, or Hiking Boots?

Just so that you know I actually am making some progress here, I did drive to Burlingotn today (an hour from where I live) and I bought two types of sock systems.The first ones are made by a company called Wigwam and it is their Trail …

Publish Date: 01/24/2010 16:53


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One Response to “Hiking Boots or Hiking Shoes?”

  1. Jonathan Wood Says:

    In my experience, hiking boots is the only way to go. You need both sole and ankle support when going up and, especially down uneven terrain.

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