Hiking a Slot Canyon Sounds Like Fun

Here is a sport you may want to consider getting into: canyoneering. It’s all about hiking and climbing in slot canyons.

These narrow canyons, usually formed in sandstone or limestone, are by definition deeper than they are wide. Some of them are only 3 feet wide. Others are 30 feet wide. Many are in between. The walls of the canyon, often sporting beautiful colors, are typically pretty much vertical.

Slot canyons are given technical ratings from 1 to 4. A class 1 slot canyon requires no technical abilities or equipment. A class 4 rating implies advanced rope work with possible multipitch rappels.

Some slot canyons are very dangerous with extreme risk. Others pose very little risk.

So if you are just starting, make sure you check out the ratings of the slot canyon you have chosen to visit. Also check out how much risk is involved in taking on this particular slot canyon. Talk with a Ranger before you go.

One more thing to remember with slot canyons is flash flooding. Always check the weather forecast at your current location and upstream.

I don’t have a lot of experience with slot canyons, but it sounds like a lot of fun to me. Here’s a resource for more information: American Canyoneering Community.


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