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Is Water Purification Always Necessary in the Backcountry?

July 30, 2009

I drank water from streams all the time when I was a kid with no ill effects. More recently the professional thinking has been that all backcountry water is suspect. But, recent research as proven otherwise.

Quite a number of medical experts and researchers are now saying that much of the water in the US wilderness is very pure and safe to drink.

You are likely to find such water at high elevations, over 7000 feet, away from campgrounds, pastures and high concentrations of human traffic.

Read the complete water purification article here.


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Zion National Park: a National Treasure

July 21, 2009

Among the U.S. National Parks, Zion stands out as unique. In its deep and long sandstone canyons you can enjoy a great diversity of flora and fauna.

It is over half a mile in depth and fifteen miles long; with the North Fork of the Virgin River winding through it reveals a wonderland of four main types of zones: desert; riparian, coniferous forest and woodland. The plants range from the common yucca, cactus to the datura, sagebrush cottonwood, juniper and pine; mountain lions, mule deer, golden eaglesCalifornia condors and bighorn sheep share the diversity of Zion National Park.

Get a detailed description of this great park in this National Parks article.


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Organize Your Hiking and Backpacking Food

July 19, 2009

Organizing your backpack, whether for a day trip or for a through hike, will make things much easier in the wilderness.

“The better organized your backpack is, the easier it will be for you to find things that you need along the trail.”

Here’s a helpful article on hiking and backpacking food planning.


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Pesky Critters on the Pacific Crest Trail

July 17, 2009

Here’s an article on troublesome critters that hikers could encounter on the Pacific Crest Trail. Five such critters are discussed. I have included here a quote about Mountain Lions from that article:

Mountain lions can be a bit troubling. They are much bigger than you think, weighing as much as a couple hundred pounds. They are also known to track humans on the trail, but attacks are extremely rare. If you do happen upon one, do not run away or start screaming. Mountain lions are predators, so don’t act like prey. Just stand there or calmly back away. Try to grab a stick or even a can of mace if you have one.

Read about the other four critters here.


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