Hike the Great Wall of China

One year ago, almost to the day, my wife and I hiked the Great Wall of China. Correction, we hiked on the Great Wall. After all, this phenomenon stretches nearly 4,000 miles across China.

If you hike on the Great Wall section nearest to Beijing, you won’t really be hiking on the original wall. This section has been refurbished for tourist use.

The best you can do is this. Get on the Wall and go left, the direction most people are going. Then keep hiking (probably more than a mile altogether) until you come to a gate that bars you from continuing. Beyond that gate is the original Wall, unadulterated. You can’t hike on it, but you get a great close-up view. It’s awesome.

Savor the moment, contemplate the history and magnitude, and then hike back. It’s well worth the experience.

Someday maybe I’ll attempt to hike the whole distance. Hehe.


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One Response to “Hike the Great Wall of China”

  1. Richard | Great Wall of China Says:

    Great advice. China’s Wall is great fun. I’d like to hike the whole distance too, although I don’t know if I can spare that much time 😛

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